KIT ceiling light LED 48W CASAMBI bluetooth CCT light from 3000K to 5500K 24V android

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            KIT surface-mounted luminaire with frame for ceiling fixing complete with power supply and device CASAMBI bluetooth LOW ENERGY. The luminaire is equipped with technology CCT "color temperature control" that lets you choose the temperature of the light from 3000K to 5500K with built-in leds, high brightness with a power of 48W. The panel has a light angle wider than 120 degrees. This type of led has an efficiency is really exceptional. Feeds 24W power supply (included)

            In the face of a consumption of just 49 watts, the luminaire produces a level of brightness comparable to that of a halogen lamp 450W thus enabling a saving in terms of energy consumption around 90%.

            The 480 led smd integrated permit to obtain an excellent luminous intensity of about 3400 lumens.

            The ceiling light can be synchronized via bluetooth thanks to the device CASAMBI and is manageable on SMARTPHONES via app compatible with ANDROID and iOS,

            Ideal for lighting rooms, bedrooms, elevators, underground garages, underpasses, car parks, offices, supermarkets and, in general, large commercial or industrial areas - Duration of life: 30000 hours - easy To mount on a ceiling or wall - Power instant - The luminaire has a size of 628mm x 628mm x 50mm

            CASAMBI CBU-PWM4 is a dimmer PWM four channel compatible with Bluetooth low energy technology, for LED with constant voltage, such as LED strips and LED modules constant voltage. It connects between the power supply 12/24V and the dispositivol LED and can control up to four channels making it the ideal partner for applications RGBW and tunable white (TW). The maximum output current is 6 A , which can be freely divided between 1 and 4 channels. CBU-PWM4 is protected against overvoltage, overcurrent and situations of a short circuit. CBU-PWM4 can be controlled with the app Casambi that can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The different products are enabled Casambi can be used by a simple control of a drive that led up to 127 units automatically form an intelligent network. Feeds 12-24V DC

            Supports 1-4 channels, you can manage devices WW - CW - WW-CW - RGB - RGBW.

            Casambi is an advanced system for the control of lighting based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). BLE is a wireless technology, avant-garde, the unique low energy consumption, integrated into all modern smartphones, tablets and smart watch, and the only one in the world ready for the challenges of the future.

            The devices Casambi are equipped with their own intelligence. The intelligence is replicated in each node so that at any point of the path there are possibilities that errors will occur. The system itself is in constant synchronization based on consensus. 1.2 Connected devices Casambi connect when necessary. It is not Internet connection required for the general operation and functionality of the ordinary. The Bluetooth Low Energy technology is already implemented in smartphones and tablets, so you can establish connections without additional gateways. The speed of the connection between a smart device and the devices Casambi is quick and without breaks, just open the App to start the connection to the system.

            This system is intuitive: at the first connection nodes are associated automatically, and can be used and customized by anyone, without the need to involve experts for the commissioning.

            The network Casambi is based on the protocol of Bluetooth Low Energy, the best wireless technology for energy-efficient and ready for the challenges of the future. 2. Bluetooth Low Energy
            The Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as Bluetooth 4.0+, Bluetooth Smart, or just BLE, was originally designed by Nokia as Wibree and then be adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and is released in 2010. The low-power consumption features of the BLE allows developers to build products powered by small button batteries or devices for energy storage, making the BLE the best protocol to use in applications to control wireless lighting.

            Dimensions: 628mm x 628mm x 50mm
            Maximum depth: 50mm
            Light temperature: 3000K -> 5500K
            Product material: Alluminium
            Luminous flux: 3400lm
            Color: White
            Type of LED: SMD
            Input voltage: 24V dc
            Degree of protection: IP20
            Power: 48W
            Light beam: 120°

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