Applique LED light wall garden lamp RGB WiFi google alexa balcony 10W E27

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            Applique LED luminaire for exterior modern design with aluminium frame and opaque diffuser perfect for lighting up outdoor areas such as facades of houses, gardens, outside commercial activities, shops, out to the balcony or terrace.

            IP44 degree of protection resistant to the elements and weathering, the opaque diffuser emits a light that does not dazzle the sight.

            The applique is fed at 230V is equipped with a lamp holder with E27 socket and is compatible with the majority of lamps with E27 socket. The lamp is interchangeable so it can be replaced in case of breakage, this extends the life of the applique.

            Dimensions applique: 376mm x Ø 76mm

            Temperature of available light: 3000K, 4000K, 6000K, RGBW

            The light bulb 10W is characterized by the uniformity in the light distribution, excellent color rendering, and the efficient dissipation of heat, the latter characteristic that causes it not to affect in a significant manner on the temperature of the lit rooms. Not dissipate much heat as the now old traditional light bulbs, they emit zero UVA and UVB rays and have an estimated life of 25 thousand hours, with more than 12500 cycles on/off. They are produced in thermoplastic, and polycarbonate, do not contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead, are generally present in the traditional light bulbs, including those with low consumption.

            Also available in 6W with temperature light RGBW RGB+2700K easy to integrate in systems of home automation.

            Installation and configuration very simple and intuitive. The remote control is your smartphone, in fact, after you've downloaded the app from the Apple store or the Play store, you can connect your lamp “or lamps“ and manage them via your mobile phone. Then you can create all the scenarios you want, or you can insert a TIMER is TURNED on AND OFF. You can also manage the lamp from a remote location.

            Other important functions: the lamp smart can automatically perform the functions "change highlight color" changing light intensity" on the basis of the conditions of the weather, to a particular state of the device, time. So, for example, for a given temperature or at a particular time you can also run the lamp certain functions such as the change of color of the light or the change of the light intensity. Practically, thanks to its APP , we can create various automation or various scenarios.

            Of course, you can always turn on and turn off the spotlight by wall switch. The lamp has memory internal, always remember the last color and the light intensity set previously.

            It is also possible to control the temperature of the light-preferred or light intensity at the preferred using the voice control. In fact, this product is compatible with screen readers Google Home and Amazon to Alexa. It is also possible to create recipes and customize them because this spotlight smart is compatible with the module home automation IFTTT.

            RGBW RGB+2700K allows you to control via your smartphone or via the item in the color temperature preferred. you can choose any color of light, or to create many effects and games of light.

            Dimensions: 376mm x Ø 76mm
            Product material: Aluminium
            Luminous flux: 806lm
            Energy label: A+
            Color: Silver
            Type of LED: SMD
            Number of LEDs: 1
            Input voltage: 220-240V AC/50-60Hz
            Degree of protection: IP44
            Power: 10W
            Light bulb connection: E27
            Light beam: 270°

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